Timber Safe Timber Safe is latest in micro technology in wood preservation, with NO Toxicity to humans, non-carcinogenic, odourless and safe on environment. The advantage of this product over conventional wood preservation treatments is that it does not contain copper, copper oxides or other heavy metals. This unique wood preservation […]

Fountain of Youth for Timber

Anti Slip Strips
Anti Slip Epox is smooth and solvent-free based on 2-components. It can be applied on stone, marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo and ceramic stairs and ramps. Due to its gel-like, smooth consistency the product has a good vertical stability. In addition, it can be applied on other materials such as plastics, […]

Anti Slip Epox

Flexible Membranous Coating
Anti Slip Coating (SC8) is a top quality water borne pure acrylic emulsion anti-slip coating with a minimum CSIRO R-12 safety rating. An elastomeric flexible membrane (like skin) and an excellent alternative to rigid epoxy providing excellent non-slip properties. It is suitable for almost all type of floors including concrete, timber, metal, […]

Anti Slip Flexible Coating

Crystal Clean
Anti Slip Cleaner ASD138 is a high grade 2012 “dissolving emulsifying degreaser” product which takes the soilage into itself ready for “total removal” and now includes a Bacteria statespecially necessary for use in health areas e.g. hospitals, nursing homes etc. ASD does not use Caustic as the emulsifying agent and as such can […]

Crystal Clean