Floor Safety Services is a pioneer in the Occupational Health and Safety market providing safety services for the past 37 years.

We offer a FREE safety inspection upon client request, following our inspection we provide recommendations, and safety report, to the client so they can better understand the problems and our suggested solution.

We have Installers trained to undertake the works as per the Australian Standards and can supply the required H&O documents if requested.

We are providing services to make your floors and stairs safe. Our services include:

  1. Anti Slip Treatment to all types of floors including concrete, tiles, shower bases etc
  2. Stain Resist Subsealing of porous surfaces to prevent deep staining and the upward movement of substrate chemicals and soilage
  3. Anti Slip Coating is a flexible membranous coating, like skin, that can be used on almost any type of floor including tile, concrete, vinyl, rubber, timber and even on metal (checker plate)
  4. Tactile Indicators, tiles or individual studs, installed at top and bottom of stairs, ramps, travellators, escalators, bus stops, train stations, road crossings etc
  5. Braille Tactile Signage for all requirements including disabled toilets etc
  6. Stair Nosing to prevent any damage and slippage whilst providing visibility for safe transit, comes in a wide range of types and profiles
  7. Fibreglass products are chemical proof (marine grade), hard wearing and long lasting
  8. Safety Plates for all types of surfaces e.g. landings, ramps etc
  9. Anti Slip Epox is a safety epoxy applied surface finish to create safety bands on straight or “curved” stairways and ramps
  10. Anti Slip Safety Tapes and Signs for stairways, ramps, landings etc
  11. Anti Trip Entry and Anti Fatigue Matting for residential, commercial and factory use
  12. Timber Safe for the protection of raw timber – termites and borers, wood rot and dramatic fire retardant
  13. Weather Protect Coating to protect raw timber from moisture absorption
  14. Line Marking for all line marking purposes including car parking bays, commercial and site walkways, factories etc
  15. Anti Slip Cleaning for all the treated areas to maintain maximum and longer safety performance

For product information please visit our products pages for detailed information.

Industries we serve:

Food Industries, Hospitals & Medical Centres, Residential & Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Kitchens, Hotels, Education Facilities, Government Facilities, Transport, Public Facilities, Shopping Centres, Industrial & Commercial, Marine Industry, Mining Industry


Safety Maintenance Program:

We also offer a maintenance program to follow on from completion of our works.

  1. General Clean to maintain the maximum safety performance
  2. Freshen any coating suffering heavy wear for maximum safety performance
  3. Freshen etching works for maximum safety performance