Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Looking for a way to enhance the grip and safety of your flooring? Our Anti-Slip Treatment (ASF128) is a chemical procedure that was specifically formulated to provide an anti-slip coating for tiles and other flooring materials including ceramic tiles, porcelain flooring, granite paving and concrete.

Our Anti-Slip Treatment uses the process of micro-etching, which forms microscopic grooves and indentations on the flooring surface. This texture creates traction when a person’s feet or their footwear come into contact with the floor. Micro-etched floor will remain safe even in wet or greasy conditions.

Whether for commercial, industrial or residential properties, anti-slip tile treatment can offer a variety of benefits:

  • It improves safety for both interior or exterior surfaces
  • It’s economical and easy to apply
  • It does not alter the aesthetics of the flooring
  • It suppresses mould and mildew

Australian Made and Owned

Since 1980, Anti-Slip Treatment has been 100% Australian owned and manufactured. With over 30 years of success internationally, it has been reviewed by insurance companies as the most effective product of its kind.  Unlike conventional products, it does not alter the feel or appearance of the floor. With this treatment, you can improve the safety of your flooring without compromising its aesthetics.


Anti-Slip Treatment is suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble floors, decking, granite, terrazzo, brick floors, shower bases and more.

It is perfect for parts of your home that endure the toughest of conditions. This includes kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, patios, and balconies. When the floor is wet, the treatment becomes even more effective. This makes it great for pool surrounds and other areas that are exposed to moisture.

Here are some of the commercial and industrial industries that we serve:

  • Food industries
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Commercial and industrial kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Education facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Public transport
  • Shopping centres
  • Marine industry
  • Mining industry

Still don’t believe us? Bring a sample tile to our factory in Truganina and see for yourself. We will demonstrate the effectiveness of non-slip tile coating right in front of your eyes, free of charge.

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