Anti Slip Treatment


Anti Slip Floor Treatment

How to Stop Tiles from being Slippery

Anti-Slip Treatment ASF128 is a specially formulated chemical treatment to give anti-slip properties to porcelain, ceramic floor tiles and surfaces made from natural stone e.g. Granite, Ceramics, Slate and Concrete.

Anti Slip Treatment uses a micro-etching process which reacts with silica, forming microscopic grooves and indents in the floor surface creating traction when a person’s feet or their footwear are wet or come into contact with a wet floor.

  • Improves safety on interior or exterior surfaces
  • Economical & easy to apply
  • Does not significantly alter surface appearance
  • Eliminates & suppress’s mould & mildew

Australian Made and Owned

Anti-Slip Treatment is 100% Australian owned and manufactured since 1980, with a 30 years International track record. It has been reviewed by some Insurance Companies as the most effective product of its kind.  Unlike conventional products, it does not alter the feel or appearance of the floor:  it is when the floor is wet that the treatment becomes most active.


Anti-Slip treatment is suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble floors, decking, granite, terrazzo, brick floors and shower bases under the toughest of conditions e.g. tiled kitchens, laundries, bathrooms patios, balconies and pool surrounds etc.

We suggest you bring a sample of your tile to us and we will test it FREE OF CHARGE.

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