Fibreglass Anti-Slip Plate

Anti-Slip Plates

Anti-Slip Plates

Fibreglass Anti-Slip Plate is manufactured with reinforced fibreglass. It is suitable for high exposure to salt water and offers high resistance to chemicals such as; acid, alkali and solvent liquids. Anti-Slip Plates are non-conductive, non-magnetic and contain a fire retardant.

  • Size: 1220mm x 3000mm x approx 4mm thick
  • Anti-Slip plates can be cut to any size and are ideal for wet or dry conditions where good slip resistance and traction are needed.
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Light but strong impact strength
  • Long service life, low maintenance
  • Non-conductive, non-sparking, non-magnetic
  • Fire resistance and low thermal conductivity

Installation of Anti Slip Plates

  • Chequered Plate/ Steel:Glue and screw with Tek screws
  • Concrete: Glue and screw with self tapping concrete screws
  • Timber:Fix with suitable timber screws
  • Grated Stairs or Grille:Fit with Universal saddle assembly