Anti Slip Coating

Anti Slip Coating is an acrylic-based floor coating for high impact areas. The product’s principal characteristic is to build films that cover all surfaces. It has excellent abrasion and absorption resistance ideal for vibrating structures, is nontoxic and has good waterproofing qualities

Slippery Floors in the Workplace:

Anti Slip Coating (Top Coat) recently underwent Anticorrosion and Slip testing by CSIRO, at the request of both the NSW State Rail Authority and Woolworths. The tests produced a remarkable result: a rating of R12, making Anti Slip Coating the first coating ever to achieve this rating, previously only possible with tiles. CSIRO Test Report No. 4149s certifies slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material (Top Pave) at a mean overall acceptance angle of 30.7°, officially achieving the R12 rating.

  • Membranous film build to cover all surfaces
  • Good impact resistance. Suitable for floor surfaces
  • Good waterproofing qualities
  • Has excellent abrasion resistance ideal for vibrating structures i.e. bridges and airports
  • Non-toxic and ZERO V.O.C.

Uses: Anti Slip Coating

Restaurants / Cafes can be painted directly over vinyl or ceramic tiles in high-traffic areas where health and safety are paramount. Anti Slip Coating is CSIRO R12 rated but not too rough a surface to prevent effective cleaning.

Public walkways / thorough fares, bike paths – Ideal grip is provided without the risk of too rough a surface that may tear skin should a fall occur.

Factories / Food production – a courser version is available where food fats and oils create build up on factory floors


We install, and supply ready for application. Stir contents thoroughly before application. After installation completed clean equipment with water. If the Anti Slip Coating is applied too thick, there will be cracks. If it is necessary that the Coating must be a thick application, it should be done in layers.

Ensure all traces of loose friable materials; dirt, oil, and debris are removed. Freshly cast conventional screeds must be allowed to dry thoroughly before application of Bond and Top Pave. Bulk concrete to cure for 28 days minimum before application. Surfaces to be primed with Bond.

Technical Information:

  • Storage and application: Room (moderate) temperature, tightly closed (sealed)
  • Colour: Any
  • Finish: Matt
  • Solvent: Water
  • Thinner: Must not be thinned
  • Solids (%) by mass: Minimum 90%
  • Solids (%) by volume: Minimum 95%
  • Flash point: Waterborne and not flammable
  • Shelf and pot life: 2 years +
  • Thickness: Minimum of 1 mm
  • Drying time: At 20°C and 1mm – Touch dry (30 minutes) Full cure (24 hours)

Clean Up:

Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.

Anti Slip Detergent (ASD138) is recommended for maintenance and long term safety


Keep containers well sealed.
Store at moderate temperatures.