Fibreglass Integrated Tactile Indicator Tile

Fibreglass Tactile Indicator Tile

Fibreglass Integrated Tactile Indicator Tile is a new range of surface-mount TGSI which provides the industry with an additional option for the retro fitting system. It is formed from ultra UV stabilised resin and is reinforced with embedded fibreglass. The final product is an ultra strong material that exceeds the properties of easily-decomposable rubber/plastic tactile tiles.

Fibreglass Tactile Indicator Tile is manufactured to conform to industry standards set out in AS/NZS 1428.4, and also has a high slip rating which makes it suitable for most Australian pedestrian walkways (not suitable on asphalt).

Fibreglass Tactile Integrated Tile comes in two thicknesses, surface mounted (2mm) and cast insitu (20mm) applications.

It is produced in 4 standard colours:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Yellow