Reflective Tape

Reflective Tapes are designed for applications where visual presence of hazards are important. These tapes generally work best in the night and outdoors. Consequently, reflective tapes tend to be used mainly to clearly identify hazards. Primarily for adhering to hazards such as bollards, glass, loading decks, tailgates, etc.

It is engineering grade retro reflective tape suitable for:

  • Outdoor use
  • Tapes reflect light
  • Great for safety hazard warnings


  1. Agressive permanent adhesive.
  2. Durable and conformable backing.
  3. Provides enhanced visibility at night.
  4. Can be printed on or overlayed with graphics.
  5. Suitable for traffic, road and work signage.
  6. Easy to apply, suitable for die-cutting.
  7. Excellent resistance to corrosion and solvents.
  8. Available in a range of colours.