Safety Tapes

Anti Slip Tapes

Improve The Safety of Your Workplace Our anti-slip tapes are made of aluminium oxide grit bonded with PVC film and ...

Anti Slip Safety Signs

Preparing people in your facility for uneven or irregular floor conditions can help reduce accidents and injuries with our safety ...

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tapes are designed for applications where visual presence of hazards are important. These tapes generally work best in the ...

Lane Marking Tape

Product Description Lane Marking tape is strong, durable and hard wearing PVC backing. It is designed for internal marking of ...

Floor Safety Services offers a range of industrial quality adhesive tapes.

  1. Anti Slip safety tapes to help prevent slips and falls on stairs, ramps and ladders, and on vehicles and sporting equipment.
  2. Self adhesive Anti Slip Safety Mats
    1. Watch Your Steps
    2. Caution
    3. Luminous
  3. Reflective tapes for signs and warning or conspicuos marking, photo-luminiscent tape that glows in the dark, great for emergency exit signs, house numbers, around light switches etc.
  4. Non adhesive polyethylene warning or barrier tape. Highly visible stripes and wording. Ideal for sectioning off hazardous and worksite areas.