Flexible Membranous Coating

Anti Slip Flexible Coating

Anti Slip Coating (SC8) is a top quality water borne pure acrylic emulsion anti-slip coating with a minimum CSIRO R-12 safety rating. An elastomeric flexible membrane (like skin) and an excellent alternative to rigid epoxy providing excellent non-slip properties. It is suitable for almost all type of floors including concrete, timber, metal, ceramic and vinyl e.g. factory floors, stair cases, around pools, access ramps, flooring in hospitals, kitchens, etc.

This result unlocks a whole series of new applications that remove the need for costly vinyl or ceramic tiles to high traffic areas where health and safety are paramount, such as retail or public transport situations.

Amazing Attributes

  • Non-slip
  • Hard wearing
  • Non-toxic
  • No solvents
  • Quick drying
  • UV stability
  • Food Grade
  • Deep penetration
  • Withstands aggressive scrubbing<, tested to 10 000 cycles, no visible difference
  • Remains flexible
  • Excellent permeability and adhesion
  • Low smoke toxicity
  • Waterproofing qualities
  • Protects surface against efflorescence