Terms & Conditions

Our quotations and sales are based on the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Works to be carried out during normal working hours.
  2. We require clear exclusive access, 240V Power, water and a bin.
  3. Following completion of our installation Floor Safety Services cannot accept any responsibility for changes or damage caused by others, any repairs or rectifications will be treated as a variation and invoiced accordingly
  4. Written confirmation of all orders is required (stating type, colour, quantity and sizes) as Floor Safety Services will take no responsibility for any misunderstanding of materials required or unforeseen change of plans.
  5. Floor Safety Services reserves the right to retain sufficient monies from deposit to defray any costs incurred should the order be cancelled within 7 days from receipt of order. If a cancellation is made after 7 days from receipt of order no refund of deposit will be issued.
  6. Floor Safety Services reserves the right to charge 20% restocking fee on all unused and returned products for any reason.
  7. Our offer is subject to verification by on-site measure.
  8. No allowance has been made in our offer for grinding works. If grinding works are required, supply of labour and equipment to carry out such works will be charged at $25.00 per sqm based on normal working hours.
  9. No allowance has been made in our offer for spare materials.
  10. No allowance has been made in our offer for the take up, removal and dumping of existing floor coverings.
  11. Floor Safety Services reserve the right to charge $300.00 per man per day, for Floor Safety Services installers unable to work due to circumstances beyond the control of Floor Safety Services.


  1. Floor Safety Services warrant the workmanship associated with the installation for a period of 52 weeks from date of completion of their works.
  2. A fair wear and tear Manufacturer warranty applies on the products.

Settlement Terms:

  1. Floor Safety Services requires a purchase order with 50% deposit and balance on completion.
  2. MasterCard and Visa credit cards will incur a minimum of 1.5% surcharge.
  3. Floor Safety Services can charge interest on overdue amounts from 2.5% as a minimum
  4. No allowance has been made in our offer for the withholding of retentions.
  5. Our quote offer will be held firm for 30 days from date of quotation/Tender submission.
  6. Our Offer shows GST at the current rate of 10% as a separate item in our Contract Sum
  7. These goods remain the property and title of Floor Safety Services until payment has been received in full and cleared to our account.

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