Safety Coatings

Green Safety Coatings

Our Safety Coatings are truly ECO safe paint and surface protection – Developed more than 30 years ago. They have capacity to adhere to any surface which is unique and differentiate from other coatings. The patented system ensures that all our products are absorbed into the substrate to give treated surfaces a skin that never sheds. This most revolutionary system provides the longest lasting protection of literally any surface while maintaining its most environmentally friendly superiority label. The coatings satisfy Green Building Council Australia’s full credit point for the use on projects rated under their scheme. (Refer GBCA Comparison table)

Key difference:

Our entire paint range (not just a product of the range) shares the Eco performance characteristics including zero VOC and zero HAPS! In addition to our coating range we offer unique and exclusive products in timber preservation and rust prevention that are guaranteed in excess of 10 years. This is unmatched by any other product available today. Considering there are no odours, non toxic and completely hygienic, it is ideal for all applications and in particular health, domestic, educational, industrial and even to the most sensitive of noses Dog and other animal housing. Our products are resistant to any staining, chemical, oil, coffee, permanent marking or any other products that we know. Together with the superior abrasive resistance it is ideal for anti graffiti, heath and on particular operating theatres, industrial, etc. We outperform all competitors on all facets of performance and in particular on all things sustainable. We are providing a healthy, durable and cost effective alternative to conventional paints and painting products.

Our products offer you the right lasting solution for any application. When you are seeking the best, it’s worth a comparison test.

Our Safety Coating Range:

  1. TimberSafe
  2. Safety LineMark