Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer is a zero voc water borne acrylic, green, electrometric one way membrane that is formulated as a clear product to protect fresh concrete. It regulates the drying process with uniform release of moisture and ensures that the concrete dries naturally, without cracking, at its own pace without exaggerated external influences of weather such as wind and rain. Additionally, it penetrates deep into the surface and reduces the oil, grease, acids, and alkalis seeping into the surface causing deterioration. . It also keeps dust down and forms a durable waterproofed surface, which is chemical and abrasion resistant.

Concrete Sealer Applications:

To any concrete surface irrespective of texture and location; Rendered walls and concrete slabs. Our concrete seal is used alone as a fungal and bacterial protection coating on surfaces such as face brick and concrete surfaces.

Preparation hints:

For new concrete applications, apply concrete seal when concrete is green- closest time to being able to walk on it. Ensure that the surface is clean. For existing surfaces, remove laitance from concrete, oil, grease, fat deposits, and chemical components form the surface.

Old weathering surfaces should be washed with a high-pressure jet, sandblasting, or other mechanical means. Ensure application is carried out under suitable weather conditions.

For full details of preparation refer to preparation section

Technical info:

Storage conditions:   Room (moderate) temperature, tightly closed (sealed)

Colours:                      Wet-Milky colour. Dry – Transparent

Gloss:                          Semi-gloss or Satin

Spreading Rate:         10-15m²per litre (one coat depending on substrate)


All our safety coating products are required to penetrate the substrate of any surface, metal, concrete, steel, timber and others. Please refer to our general preparation and application methodology.


Clean Up Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.

Storage Keep containers well sealed and store at moderate temperatures.