Anti Slip Strips

Anti Slip Epox

Anti Slip Epox is smooth and solvent-free based on 2-components. It can be applied on stone, marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo and ceramic stairs and ramps. Due to its gel-like, smooth consistency the product has a good vertical stability. In addition, it can be applied on other materials such as plastics, rigid PVC, polyester, polystyrene, ABS, polycarbonate, paper, wood and glass.

Amazing Features

  • easy working due to smooth consistency
  • can be applied without slot in the stone surface
  • extremely low shrinkage during the hardening process and therefore low tensions in the bonding layer
  • extremely weather resistant bondings
  • a good thermal stability: approx. 60-70°C for bonded parts exposed to weight, approx. 100-110°C for bonded parts not exposed to weight
  • a good dimensional stability of the bonding layer
  • a very good alkali-stability, thus the adhesive is very well suited to bond concrete
  •  excellently suited for bonding gas-impermeable materials as it is a solvent-free product

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