High Quality Bollards in Melbourne

Yellow bollard in ground

Safety bollards are essential for separating pedestrian zones from vehicles. They also provide impact protection for both private and public properties. This includes government buildings, hotels, police stations, schools, shopping malls and parking lots. Bollards stop vehicles from intentionally or unintentionally crashing into a crowd of pedestrians. They also prevent unauthorised motorists from accessing certain areas.

In Melbourne, bollards are a legal requirement in accessible parking zones. They are also required around emergency exits to prevent obstructions.

Our in-ground bollards come in a standard high-visibility yellow powder coat. This allows motorists and pedestrians to see the bollards even when their vision is impaired by the extreme weather or poor lighting.

They can be concrete filled on site if additional strength is required. Floor Safety’s steel in-ground bollards come with an anchor hole near the base, which can be reinforced with a concrete mix to increase impact resistance.

As with all of our products, our bollards comply with the Australian safety standards.

Available Sizes

  1. 1300mm high
  2. 1625mm high
  3. 1800mm high

Different Types of Bollards

While they all look similar on the surface, bollards actually come in different forms. Depending on the purpose, they can be temporary or permanent fixings.

Removable bollards are used to restrict motorists from accessing a restricted area. Authorised individuals will have a key that enables them to manually remove the bollard and access a private driveway or a parking lot.

Retractable bollards have an automated mechanism that allows you to retract multiple bollards at once. This is usually used for government buildings, public facilities and high-end private buildings. They offer both protection and easy-access.

Bollard Installation

While bollard installation is relatively simple, we recommend that you hire the services of our professional installers. Although the material of the bollards give them some strength, their impact resistance mainly comes from their firm attachment to the floor. As such, it’s important to have specialists ensure you that your bollards are property set in the ground.

Floor Safety can provide you with the bollard installation across Melbourne.