SC8 Primer

Primer Introduction:

Primer is highly acrylic water based penetrating primer or undercoat that has excellent flexibility and impact resistant properties on all surfaces it’s applied to. SC8-Primer is suitable for application over old and new concrete, slates, bricks, plaster, asbestos, roof tiles, hard boards, chip boards; aluminium, galvanized steel, painted areas, etc. Primer First shares the key features and has the following major advantages:-

  • Deep penetration allows the primer to gain a tough durable grip on the surface it’s applied to, creating a long-lasting quality coating
  • Low viscosity
  • Waterproofing properties
  • Excellent permeability
  • Inseparable adhesion to top coats
  • The Primer has a high fire and heat resistance level


SC8-Primer is suitable for application over all surfaces and is highly recommended for use with all our Safety Coatings unless noted otherwise. Where surfaces are hard to penetrate such as vitreous, Galvanised steel sand the Primer into the surface using Grit 40 Primer wetted sand paper. Refer to preparation section for details. Some special applications include but not limited to:

  • Old and new concrete
  • Slates
  • Bricks
  • Plaster
  • Roof tiles
  • Hard boards, Chip boards
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanized steel
  • Pre painted areas and etc

Technical info:

  • Storage Conditions:          Room (moderate) temperature, tightly closed (sealed)
  • Colours:                               Wet – milky colour Dry – transparent
  • Solid (%) by volume:        18%
  • Gloss:                                   Slightly sheen
  • Water resistance:              Excellent
  • Spreading rate:                  12-18 m2 /L at dried film thickness of 18 microns (Smooth surface, 1 coat)

Preparation: Please check with preparation manual


Clean Up Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.

Storage Keep containers well sealed and store at moderate temperatures.