Waterproof Super Seal

Waterproof Super Seal is a Non Toxic; zero VOC environmentally friendly high performance acrylic based waterproofing elastomeric membrane. This unique silicon modified pure emulsion coating has been engineered to act as a one way membrane, allowing moisture to escape to the surface but prevents moisture ingress into the treated substrate. SINGLE COMPONENT- READY TO USE

It has the key features of the product range including no odour with unequalled adhesion and flexibility. Waterproof Super Seal has an elasticity of up to 500% above room temperature and 300% at minus 20 degrees.

The difference is having the safety, our products provide against damage, water migration and detachment of the water proofing membrane. Our membrane is a skin that never sheds and cannot be peeled, cracked nor blistered. Water cannot travel underneath it or uplift it therefore penetrations can be cored after application if necessary.

Our robust system is cold applied and quick to dry allowing any job to be completed in the same day without the restrictions of current systems. The film thickness is 300 microns on average and can be rolled, sprayed or brushed. It satisfies all requirements for tiling or special finishes.

Waterproof Super Seal Applications:

Waterproof Super seal is applied to any  surface  requiring  water  proofing.  With  the  high  degree  of elasticity, there  are  no  limits to substrates  including HDPE. For external applications Super seal requires an additional top coat for UV protection.  For  submerged  applications,  ensure  that  the application is aerated at least once a year for best performance.

Can be used for all applications in residential, commercial and industrial:

  • Roofs, concrete or metal
  • Wet areas including kitchens
  • Verandas, planter boxes, Gutters,
  • Water beds and irrigation – Acid and alkali resistant
  • Pools
  • Retaining walls

It is the solution to any problem.  Refer to our representatives for special apply


All  surfaces  must  be  thoroughly  cleaned  and  free  of  any  loose  particles and  oils. Refer to preparation section and technical Data sheets.

Technical info:

  • Storage  conditions  Room  (moderate)  temperature,  tightly  closed  (sealed)
  • Colour  range is  limited -­‐  refer  to  Technical  Data  Sheet
  • Shelf  life  7  years  +
  • Temperature  tolerance  ­‐ 50°C  to  230°C
  • Physical  form  Liquid
  •  application  temp  5°C


Clean all equipment thoroughly with water immediately after use.