Bullnose Aluminium Stair Nosings

Bullnose Stair Nosing

Bullnose Aluminium Stair Nosing is manufactured from non-corrosive, high-quality Anodised Aluminium. It provides a fast, permanent anti-slip surface to the front edge to all types of stair surfaces, even in adverse conditions such as the presence of water or oil.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing is designed to meet the AS1428.1:2009 for luminance, also AS4586:2004 for slip resistance.

Bullnose Aluminium Stair Nosing Description:

Bullnose Stair Nosing is designed to prevent people from slipping and/or falling down the stair nosings and also protect the stair edges from traffic damage. They can be fixed to the stairs with adhesive (raw concrete), Screws (timber, painted concrete with plugs) bolts or pop rivets (Steel Mesh and Chequer plate) and bedding depending on the surface. Our stair nosings are suitable for almost every application i.e. internal and external.

Anodising: Aluminium profiles are anodised 15 – 20 microns in accordance with AS 1231:2000. Available in Clear Anodised (Natural Silver).

Stair nosing can be cut to size and supplied ready for installation.

Product Features

Size:72.5mm Wide x 28mm Nose
PVC Insert Colours:Yellow, Black, Grey and Photo-luminescent (Glow in the Dark) – 50mm wide (Internal)
Carborundum insert Colours:Yellow, Black or Grey – 50mm wide #36 grit (External)
Fibreglass Insert Colours:Yellow or Black – 50mm wide (External)

PVC Colours: