Tactile Ground Surface Indicator Stainless Steel TGSIs are designed for the visually impaired people and are applied at public, commercial, retail and industrial areas providing early warning for hazards such as ramps, stairways, escalators, travelator, public transport stations and stops. Our Stainless Steel TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators) comply with […]

Stainless Steel TGSI

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) contains requirements and standards for braille signs and tactile signage in section D3.6. of the code. Building Code – Tactile Braille Toilet Signs This Part sets out the requirements for the design and installation of Braille and tactile signage as required by clause D3.6. Location of Braille […]

Tactile and Braille Signage

Timber Safe Timber Safe is latest in micro technology in wood preservation, with NO Toxicity to humans, non-carcinogenic, odourless and safe on environment. The advantage of this product over conventional wood preservation treatments is that it does not contain copper, copper oxides or other heavy metals. This unique wood preservation […]

Fountain of Youth for Timber

Our Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FSN-FRP100) Stair Nosing is extremely tough and anti slip. It carries an R13 (High) rating for the ‘Oil Wet Ramp’ test and 72 V (High) for the ‘Wet Pendulum’ test through CSIRO. Building Requirements Our Anti Slip Fibreglass Stair Treads are a safety product essential for […]

Fibreglass Stair Treads

Our Aluminium Stair Nosings are manufactured from non-corrosive, high quality Anodised Aluminium. It provides a fast, permanent anti-slip surface to the front edge to all types of stair surfaces, even in adverse conditions such as the presence of water or oil. This Non Slip Stair Nosing is designed to meet […]

Aluminium Stair Nosing