Fountain of Youth for Timber

Timber Safe

Timber Safe is latest in micro technology in wood preservation, with NO Toxicity to humans, non-carcinogenic, odourless and safe on environment. The advantage of this product over conventional wood preservation treatments is that it does not contain copper, copper oxides or other heavy metals. This unique wood preservation system is very effective in protecting and increasing wood life span with rapid penetration to most surfaces.

Timber ‘recognises’ TimberSafe as a kind of ‘artificial sap’ which can take and hold the borates deep within timber (up to 150mm).

TimberSafe’s unique ability to internally ‘lubricate’ timber inhibits splitting and warping which reduces the ageing process.

Treatment of Wood

  • Protects against fungi and wood rot.
  • TimberSafe is not a pesticide, nor is it an insecticide
  • Non-toxic wood preservative.
  • Clear finish.
  • Fire retardant / resistant.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Economical.
  • Once only treatment.
  • Dramatically increases timber lifespan.
  • No obnoxious odours.
  • 10 year warranty.

Scientific Validation

  • Approved and tested by the Australian Wool Testing Author ity, (AWTA)
    as a fire retardant complying with Australian Standards AS/NZs
  • AQIS- tested for successful killing and controlling of timber related fungi.
  • Department of Primary Industries, (DPI)-Qld Forestry Research Institute
    tested for outstanding penetration into timber.
  • Borate has been successfully CSIRO tested for efficacy against termites, borers, wood-rot (fungi).

Application Methods

  • Product can be safely sprayed, brushed or rolled even whilst building is inhabited.
  • Can be applied in all weather conditions, wind, heat, cold but not if substrate has been wet previously – if so allow substrate to dry for 12-16 hour s before application.
    Once TimberSafe has dried it can be painted or stained.
  • Not effctive on prepainted surfaces.
  • Can be applied to garden mulch as both a termite treatment and fire retardant pur poses.

Timber Safe is not a pesticide, nor is it an insecticide – it is a non-toxic wood preservative.

The main active constituent is boron – one of 109 elements that make up planet Earth. In nature, boron will often combine with oxygen and other elements – commonly called ‘borates’. TimberSafe consists of a unique blend of borates immersed in an odourless and colourless liquid carrier.

Protects against fungi and wood rot

TimberSafe protects timber from fungal decay (wood rot) and is effective against well over 2,000 species of fungi.

Clear finish
TimberSafe dries to an ‘invisible finish’, will not leave stain marks and will last the entire life of the timber.

Fire retardant / resistant.
TimberSafe won’t support combustion. On a ‘Fire Scale Index’ of 1 to 10 (10 being the most flammable) raw timber normally rates 5. The same raw timber treated with TimberSafe rates 1.*

Non-toxic and environmentally safe
TimberSafe is non-toxic to humans and all warm-blooded creatures including birdlife and will not harm fish or crustaceans when used in a marine environment. It can be applied without the slightest safety concern while a building is inhabited.

At less than 40 cents per lineal metre, TimberSafe is a highly cost effective solution for protecting timber against wood rot, termites, borer s and fungal attack.

Deep penetration and dispersal
Timber ‘recognises’ TimberSafe as a kind of ‘artificial sap’ which can take and hold the borates deep within timber (up to 150mm).

Once only treatment
TimberSafe is non-biodegradable. It will not break-down or lose strength over time and continues to work indefinitely when applied to either new or existing timbers.

Dramatically increases timber lifespan
TimberSafe’s unique ability to internally ‘lubricate’ timber inhibits splitting and warping which reduces the ageing process.

No obnoxious odours
There are no obnoxious or harmful odours hanging around for days to upset sensitive noses and it is completely safe to use around children.

10 year warranty
TimberSafe carries a 10 year warranty against failure when applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

*The definition of fire resistance is the ability of a building component to resist a fully developed fire while still performing its function. The Building Council of Australia section C1.10, clause (b) states, “paint or fire retardant coatings must not be used to make a substrate comply with the required fire hazard properties’. Applying TimberSafe to timbers will protect timber against ember attack and in a more severe fire environment the BCA 2007, Specification C1,10 states that Materials used in buildings of Class 2 to Class 9 must: Have a Spread Flame Index of not more than 9; and Have a Smoke Developed Index of not more than 8. TimberSafe, tested by the AWTA to AS 1530.3-1999, has a Spread Flame Index of only 3 and a Smoke Developed Index of just 1.