Anti Slip Epox

Anti Slip

Anti Slip Epox coloured or phosphorescent is a gel-like, two-component solvent free adhesive, based on epoxy resins with a modified polyamine hardener.

Anti Slip Epox

Amazing Features

  • applied finished product
  • easy working due to smooth consistency
  • can be applied without slot in the stone surface
  • non-slipping characteristic (R11) despite closed surface, enabling easycleaning.
  • extremely low shrinkage during the hardening process and therefore low tensions in the bonding layer
  • extremely weather resistant bondings
  • a good thermal stability: approx. 60-70°C for bonded parts exposed to weight, approx. 100-110°C for bonded parts not exposed to weight
  • a good dimensional stability of the bonding layer
  • a very good alkali-stability, thus the adhesive is very well suited to bond concrete
  •  excellently suited for bonding gas-impermeable materials as it is a solvent-free product


Anti Slip Epox creates a very non slipping surface in the form of a stripe, edge and/or ornament on mineral surfaces on natural stone (marble, lime stone, granite, concrete ashlar or ceramic tiles) on stairs in entrance areas that are exposed to water and/or sloping. It is suitable for silicate bounded natural stone (e.g. granite) indoor and outdoor, on limestone and marble only indoor. Due to luminescence properties the safety is increased in case of electrical power failure in areas which are artificially illuminated.


  • Anthracite
  • Safety Yellow
  • White
  • Red-Brown
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Phosphorescent (Glow in the Dark)