Fibreglass Safety Strips

Fibreglass Safety StripsOur fibreglass strips have been designed to provide long-lasting slip protection for ramps, steps, grates and other slippery surfaces. They feature a standard silicon oxide anti-slip grit, perfect for various commercial and industrial applications. These fibreglass reinforcing strips can be used in hospitals and medical centres, commercial and industrial kitchens, shopping malls, hotels, schools and various public facilities.

Australian Safety Standards

As with all of our anti-slip products, our fibreglass flat strips and safety strips comply with Australian slip-resistance safety standards (AS 4586:2013). These strips are lightweight, but due to the fibreglass reinforcement, they are durable enough to endure heavy pedestrian traffic. They offer high-corrosion resistance, UV resistance, low-thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, acid and alkaline resistance and anti-static qualities.

If you work with heavy chemicals and/or other oily substances, this is the perfect product for you. These strips are also suitable for indoor or outdoor worksites that are prone to wet surfaces. Additionally, each strip is extremely thin and will not be a tripping hazard.

Our range of fibre glass flat strips and safety strips have a P5 safety rating, the highest that a safety product can get. When you buy our products, you ensure the safety of your workers, colleagues, customers and clients.

Other Features

Of course, we want to make sure that your floor is both safe and attractive. Our fibreglass strips are available in both black and yellow. The bright yellow can be used if you want to highlight potential hazards while the black strips are more suitable for aesthetic purposes.

Our products are long-lasting and low-maintenance. You can simply use a non-solvent cleaner and give it a decent scrub. With Floor Safety’s fibreglass strips, you can ensure that your flooring is safe for many years to come.

When delivered, the finished strips will be ready for immediate use. They are easy to install in both established buildings or new constructions.

Size: 50mm x 3mm and up to 4000mm

Fibreglass Strip Applications: 

  • Food industries
  • Residential and domestic properties
  • Industrial and commercial kitchens
  • Educational facilities
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Public transport
  • Marine industry
  • Mining industry