fibreglass safety strips

Fibreglass Safety Strips

Our fibreglass strips have been designed to provide long-lasting slip protection for ramps, steps, grates and other slippery surfaces. They ...

Fibreglass Stair Nosing

Our fibreglass stair nosing (FN600) is made of reinforced plastic. It offers durability along with a tough, anti-slip grit. The ...
fibreglass plates

Fibreglass Anti-Slip Plate

Anti-Slip Plates Fibreglass Anti-Slip Plate is manufactured with reinforced fibreglass. It is suitable for high exposure to salt water and ...

Fibreglass Stair Nosing & Strips

Anti Slip Fibreglass safety products are essential for owners and operators of Industrial, Marine and Mining facilities. They are a necessity for workers and management who use access stairs and platforms to navigate their work environment. It is also vital where dedicated stairs are used for fire and emergency escape purposes.

Building Codes for the construction of stairs and exits and Australian Standards for access and mobility now require all new buildings to include slip-resistant stair treads.

Benefits of Fibreglass Products:

  • Provides long lasting, impact resistant service in industrial applications
  • Extremely hard combined with a tough grit
  • Aggressive non-slip surface even when wet, oily, greasy or dusty
  • Excellent chemical, UV and corrosion resistance
  • Does not introduce a trip hazard, or significantly increase the height of a step
  • Cleans readily with non-solvent cleaner and stiff brush
  • Easily installed either during new construction or as a retrofit item
  • Wide range of standard sizes, surface grits
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • Protects and highlights leading edge of step