Congratulations! You made a great decision and had your floors/stairs treated, now you need to think about how to protect and maintain the Safety of your floors/stairs to get long term benefits from your investment.

The answer is to “Keep Your Floor Clean”. It can be achieved by introducing a routine maintenance schedule. It is vital to ensure that the surface is free of any soilage, oils, grease and other contamination as these will compromise the Anti-Slip™ characteristics within a short period of time.

The most common mistake made by cleaners on a tight schedule to over use of detergent cleaners especially using string mops. Air dries and evaporates water off and leave detergent film on the surface. It becomes dangerous when water reactivates the detergent film and cause slips and falls.

Followings are few steps that can be followed for a routine cleaning and maintenance (once a day, a week or as required depending on situation).

  1. Sweep, if required, to remove any dry surface soilage.
  2. Dilute ASD138 Anti-Slip™ Cleaner and SCRUB the surface with (WARM) water and leave for 5-10 minutes, this melts any grease and loosens any contaminants,
    • We strongly advise and encourage you to use our A.S.D.138 Anti-Slip™ Cleaner which has a Bacteria stat included and does “NOT” contain dangerous Caustic –Sodium Hydroxide. Other water base clears may be used but ensure they have no caustics or corrosive chemicals.
    • Otherwise Methylated spirit or vinegar can be used by mixing with hot water for cleaning. However a second rinse is recommended with clean water to remove any left contamination.
  3. Rinse, then wet vacuum extracts the total area.
    • Residential or in smaller areas use a micro fibre mop, rinsing frequently.  This removes the soilage, not smear it further over the floor or into the grout lines, as rope mops do. OR/AND
    • For commercial and larger areas, clean by using an Auto scrub vacuum, with “BRUSHES NOT PADS”. First scrub the floor with ASD138 Anti-Slip™ Cleaner and leave it for 5 to 10 mins before rinse pickup.

Any less than this will reduce the safety and effective life of the treatment that we have carried out.

Please Note:

  • Do NOT turn or rotate wheels on “the treated” areas, while vehicle is stationary.
  • No surface sealers, coating, polishes, abrasives (e.g. Ajax), or corrosives (e.g. Caustic) are to be used on treated floors as these will negate or destroy the effect of the “micro” etching and Anti-Slip™ characteristics; and cancel the warranty.
  • By following the recommended maintenance regime a workmen ship warranty of 1 year applies, depending on tiles type or if stated otherwise.
  • All warranties are null and void if cleaning and maintenance are not carried out to the supplier’s instructions. Any legal liability in relation to accidents following non-compliance is denied.