Recessed Entrance Matting

Our recessed entrance matting is a heavy-duty alternative to standard styles of indoor and outdoor commercial entrance mats. It uses different material inserts situated in-between aluminium strips which provide maximum durability for different environments.

Our range of matting includes three types of inserts designed to suit any application:

  • Textured carpet inserts
  • PVC inserts
  • Coir inserts

Our top-quality entrance matting makes an ideal addition to any entranceway in any building. They can successfully increase the life of your floor and reduce cleaning costs no matter what environment they’re in. Daily use of floors without a mat will inevitably lead to stains, marks and eventual damage. This can pose safety risks and be costly to repair, however this can easily be avoided through the use of entrance mats.

The aluminium strips provide maximum scraping and dirt debris removal, keeping your building clean and presentable. No matter what insert you select, all are ultra-absorbent and built to withstand heavy pedestrian traffic and simultaneously provide exceptional levels of water absorption and dirt removal. They are appropriate for use in both internal and external applications, and provide traction and safety for pedestrians, especially on wet and rainy days.

To ensure the highest level of quality, regular maintenance and cleaning are required to release the absorbed water and dirt. This will both extend the mat’s lifespan, keep it looking presentable and continue its great results.

Coir mats are ideal for high traffic locations, making them one of the most popular commercial entrance mats. They come with high moisture absorption and appealing design features. They are also environmentally friendly and sustainable, making them an increasingly appealing option. Carpet inserts are another popular option, providing great dirt and moisture absorption and a more professional look suited to office spaces, banks and airports. The PVC backing allows for our mats to stay in place and therefore avoid spreading dirt or becoming a safety hazard.
recessed entrance matting PVC inserts Recessed Entrance Matting - Textured carpetRecessed Entrance Matting


  • 100% Australian Manufactured
  • Up to 10 year warranty
  • Flammability tested
  • Cut to any shape or size
  • Competitive pricing

Mat Specifications

  • Surface: Textured carpet, PVC and Coir
  • Backing: Aluminium
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Care: Vacuum, sweep or hose
  • Area: Wet and Dry