Tactile Floor Tiles

Tactile Indicator Tiles

Tactile Indicators

Our tactile indicators are a new generation solution for instant, durable and aesthetically pleasing tactile ground surface indicators. Our ground-breaking ...
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ceramic tactile

Ceramic Tactile Tiles

Ceramic Tactile Integrated Tiles Ceramic Tactile Tile series are designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist in the ...
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Stainless Steel Tactile Integrated Tile Classic

Stainless Steel Tactile Tile Classic is designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist in the orientation of people ...
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SSTT Black top

Stainless Steel Tactile Integrated Tile Black Top

Stainless Steel Tactile Tile Black Top is designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist in the orientation of ...
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fibreglass tactile

Fibreglass Integrated Tactile Indicator Tile

Fibreglass Tactile Indicator Tile Fibreglass Integrated Tactile Indicator Tile is a new range of surface-mount TGSI which provides the industry ...
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At Floor Safety Services, we stock a selection of high-quality tactile tiles suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Integrated tactile tiles are raised truncated domes that can either be built into or applied on walking surfaces. Their main purpose is to provide warnings of hazards in the path of pedestrians or to give directional information to the blind or vision impaired. This is achieved by contact with the tiles via either their feet or cane, and can be used to warn them of hazards in their line of travel (like street crossings) or provide directional guidelines.

We stock a wide range of tactile floor tiles, suitable for a variety of needs and all fully compliant with all relevant Australian Standards.

Tactile indicator tiles are easily installed with state-of-the-art peel and stick technology, making installation quick and easy on a range of surfaces. They can also be installed mechanically using screws or bolts. They can be used in public spaces both indoors and outdoors to communicate warnings such as upcoming steep falls, the top and bottom of staircases, the location of public transit stops, and pedestrian crossings. They are available in a variety of colours designed to offer contrast in any environment and are a cost-effective and flexible option. Our tactile indicator tiles have been tested by the CSIRO and given an R11 anti-slip rating and been approved for use by VicRoads.

Both our ceramic and stainless steel tactile tiles are designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces to assist those with vision impairment in safe navigation, detected by foot or cane.

The fibreglass tactile indicator tile is appropriate for areas with the heaviest of pedestrian traffic due to its incredible strength and durability. Installed using glue and screws, it has a high-slip rating and is appropriate for use on most Australian pathways. Everyone has their own budget and aesthetic concerts, and the option best suited to you will depend on these variables. Taking into account the unique specifications of your project, we can work with you to decide on the best tactical floor tiles for your requirements.