Fibreglass Stair Nosing

Fibreglass Stair NosingOur fibreglass stair nosing (FN600) is made of reinforced plastic. It offers durability along with a tough, anti-slip grit. The high-impact resistance of fibreglass means that these stair nosings can stand up to heavy pedestrian traffic in both commercial and industrial settings.

Meets Building Safety Requirements

Anti-slip stair nosing is an essential safety product for operators across a range of commercial and industrial industries. They are also a necessity for all businesses that use access stairs and platforms to navigate their worksite.

In particular, fibreglass nosing is a must have when it comes to fire and emergency staircases. Building codes and Australian safety standards require all new buildings to include slip-resistant tread in stairs, exits and mobility access points.

This product can be used in a variety of commercial and public spaces such as transportation, hospitals, medical centres, commercial and industrial kitchens, shopping centres, hotels, schools and more.

Safety Features

Our FRP stair nosing has a P5 safety rating, the highest that any safety product can receive. All Floor Safety items meet Australian safety standards, with our anti-slip products meeting the AS 4586:2013 slip-resistance standards in particular.

The product also features:

  • UV Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Anti-Static and Non-Magnetic Qualities
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Acid and Alkaline Resistance
  • Protection from Moisture and Oils

Benefits of Fibreglass Stair Nosings

With so many other safety products out there, what makes ours different?

We want our products to last for many years to come. We will ensure that your place of business remains safe for both workers and patrons without you having to pay for maintenance or replacements.

Here are a few benefits of our product:

  • Provides a long lasting anti-slip solution to various industries
  • Non-slip surface even when wet, oily, greasy or dusty
  • Does not introduce a trip hazard
  • Low-maintenance and easily cleaned with a non-solvent substance and a brush
  • Easy installation for new or established buildings
  • Wide range of standard sizes and surface grits
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use

They also come in both black and yellow. The bright yellow allows you to highlight the edge of a step and warn pedestrians of a raised surface. If you want a more plainer colour, you can get our product in black to suit the professional setting of your business.