Tactile Indicator Tiles

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Our Tactile system is a new generation solution for instant, durable and aesthetically pleasing tactile ground surface indicators. Our ground-breaking Peel, Bond & Walk technology is state-of-the-art in its design, yet simple and easy to install, giving it an immediate practical appeal and extensive usage possibilities. This unique product blends style and versatility within a system that is modular, flexible and extremely cost effective.

Our Tactiles fully comply with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009). They have been tested by the CSIRO and given a slip resistance rating of R12. Our Tactile System was approved in 2005 for use by VicRoads as part of its DDA Compliance Works Program for the declared road network throughout the State of Victoria.


  • Proudly owned and manufactured in Australia
  • Manufactured using Bayer “Desmopan” High-Tech Polyurethane
  • Lead free and resistant to Ultraviolet(UV) light
  • Tactiles are produced as 300mm x 300mm squares
  • Extremely durable, full 10 year fair wear & tear tile Guarantee
  • Compliant with new Australian public access standards
  • Install anywhere, anytime — in no time!
  • A more cost effective solution
  • Versatile and Flexible
  • Different surfaces are available for different indications:
    1. Flat (non slip)
    2. Studs (warning)
    3. Strips (directional)

 Shapes And Sizes

Our Tactiles are square and “Self Adhesive”, making them modular and able to be combined in endless configurations. The default size is:

  • 300mm x 300mm

The unique formulation of these tiles makes them easy to cut accurately into the shapes required by unusual ground layouts and features.

We have three types of Tactile Indications:

  1. Warning Tactiles are certified and classified as:
    • Type B, dots, dimples, hazard and raised domes
  2. Directional Tactiles are certified and classified as:
    • Type C, strips, dashes and stripes


Colours Available

Our Tactiles are available in a range of standard and most widely used colours.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

All colours have a 30% luminosity range, as stipulated in Australian Standards Tactile requirement AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009.