Brass Tactile Studs

Brass Tactile Indicators Stud

Brass Tactile Indicators, TGSI. are designed  for the visually impaired people and are applied at public, commercial, retail and industrial areas providing early warning for hazards such as ramps, stairways, escalators, travelator, public transport stations and stops.

Our Tactile Indicator Studs comply with Australian/New Zealand Standard 1428.1 2009, 1428.4.1 2009 (TGSI) and NCC Section D3.8.

Our Brass Tactile Studs are corrosion proof and generally come with 10 years fair wear and tear warranty.

Brass Tactile Studs with 12mm Leg (STUD 6) – This is a solid Brass stud with 12mm leg and is designed to be fixed by drilling a hole and gluing the leg into place with an epoxy adhesive.