Maxi 1 Mat

Maxi 1 Mat

The Maxi 1 has been specifically designed for wheeled traffic such as walking aids and shopping trolleys etc. giving a smoother transition whilst providing greater wiping area. These specially designed features have brought the Maxi to the forefront in Health Care matting.

This profile utilises an aluminium tread rail with ball and socket hinge system for superior strength. It is designed to retain 60mm insert which allows for a smoother crossing of wheeled traffic.


  • Recessed or surface mounted
  • Option of Marine Grade Carpet, Ribbed Aprene, Carborundum Grit or Coir inserts
  • 60mm wide inserts providing 25% more surface area for ultimate cleaning and drying of shoes
  • Heel proof – Closed construction
  • Roll up design for ease of care and maintenance
  • Full aluminium body and hinge detail for superior structural strength
  • Suitable for all high traffic entries
  • 20 years product warranty


PROFILE LENGTH Up to 6500mm modules
PROFILE WIDTH 78mm wide treadrail with 60mm wide inserts
DESCRIPTION Rollup hard wearing entrance mat with rubber backing
APPLICATION Heavy duty – internal/external
SUPPORT CHASSIS Anodised aluminium
TREAD SURFACE Step – Carpet, UV Stabilised, Marine grade
Tred – Ribbed Aprene
Brush – Course Carpet, UV Stabilised
Grip – Carborundum Grit
CONNECTION Interlocking hinge (ball and socket)