Floor Safety Services Product Category


Floor Safety Services is a pioneer in the Occupational Health and Safety market providing anti slip products and services over 35 years. We have invented many safety products throughout our journey and are still adding more for the safety of Australian people.

Our aim has always been to provide a comprehensive range of safety products that equate to the rapidly changing Australian Safety Standards and/or assist a client to find an answer to a hazardous problem.

Before adding new products we make sure:

  1. They are green and environmentally friendly
  2. Provides maximum safety
  3. Conform to Australian Standards

All products must pass our rigid quality assessments before we add them to our product line.

Most of our products are and “green” because we understand the Australian environment better. We only provide quality products and therefore can give warranties to our clients for their peace of mind.

Our range of Floor Safety products are suitable for all industries, commercial and domestic requirements. We can safety transform indoor and outdoor surfaces  in a small bakery or a large buildings, and have the right solution to meet the clients needs.