Carpet Aluminium Stair Nosings

Carpet Stair Nosing

Carpet Aluminium Stair Nosing is designed for use in internal installation, over concrete or wooden steps that have previously been carpeted, or where the step edges of the carpet have been excessively worn.

It increases the level of safety by providing a sure footing when ascending or descending steps.

This Stair Nosing is specified to withstand heavy traffic situations that may be encountered.


Our stair nosing can be cut to size and supplied ready for installation.

Product Features

Size: 70mm Wide x 36mm Nose x 3660mm long
PVC Insert Colours: Yellow, Black, Grey and Photo-luminescent (Glow in the Dark) – 50mm wide
Carborundum insert Colours: Yellow, Black or Grey – 50mm wide #36 grit
Fibreglass Insert Colours: Yellow or Black – 50mm wide

PVC Colours: