Recessed Entrance Mat

Recessed Entrance Safety Mat

The Recessed Entrance Mat is a heavy duty alternative to standard styles of indoor and outdoor commercial entrance mats. It uses different material inserts situated in-between aluminium strips which provide maximum durability for different environments.

The range of inserts includes 3 types which suits any application.   

  1. Textured carpet Inserts,
  2. PVC Inserts and
  3. Coir Inserts 


  • 100% Australian Manufactured 
  • Up to 10 year warranty 
  • Flammability tested 
  • Cut to any shape or size
  • Competitive pricing 

Mat Specifications

  • Surface: Textured carpet, PVC and Coir 
  • Backing: Aluminium
  • Thickness: 12mm 
  • Care: Vacuum, sweep or hose
  • Area: Wet and Dry